Are you a new or second year veterinarian looking for a place to land where fun, leadership, experience, and mentorship are all taken seriously? SVEC may be the place for you!

Our Purpose

To serve others with our work and positively uplift the lives of all who come in contact with Saginaw Valley Equine Clinic.

Our Foundation is our Core Values

We serve others by caring about our work and our relationships.

We grow together; through personal growth and teamwork we accomplish more than we could imagine as individuals.

We do the right thing for the good of others, the team, the community, the world.

We exceed expectations by growing and innovating new ways to serve.

We work like normal people. We enjoy what we do, and sometimes we need to put in more than the average day into it. We love our clients, and we love their horses. Afterall, that’s probably why we chose equine medicine in the first place, right?

We like to pursue our passions here at SVEC. We have four different teams you may find yourself on. Whether it’s the Repro Team, the Farm Service Team, the Surgery Team, or the Sports Medicine Team you are sure to find one that strikes your fancy. With our teams we work on marketing and logistics. Each team has a weekly meeting where we brainstorm and research the best ideas. Each and every person at SVEC is on a team!

We do our best to stay connected and informed through daily morning meetings, biweekly team reporting meetings, and quarterly business meetings that we all participate in. Everyone, even our high school students, know how our business operates. We know we can affect the growth of our clinic and what a vital role each of us plays.

Aside from our awesome staff, we are blessed with a pretty nice facility to work out of. Ever expanding and always inviting. We are definitely not perfect, but every day we work on trying to be the best we can be.

Staying true to our growth mindset, we have another business we call GameTime Sports Medicine. GameTime is proud to be the onsite veterinarian for many large horse shows throughout the United States. The largest being the All American Quarter Horse Congress. We are proud to be the Official Veterinarian at the Congress and have been for the last 8 years!

Our Sports Medicine Team would love to have someone who is obviously, interested in sports medicine. We need someone who’s ambition in life is to diagnose and treat world class horses on the road or at home. One of our own started as an extern, then signed on as an intern, became a fellow, and now has a very successful career here at SVEC. And we are very proud of her!

If sports medicine isn’t really your thing, that’s ok, is not the limiter. You may want to be an all arounder and we can help you get there too. You can depend on everyone here at SVEC for help, and you would have a specific vet mentor to learn from and lean on.

Our clinic is in Mid-Michigan. You are no more than minutes away from water. Michigan is beautiful in the summer with tons of things to do and see. We have a festival for everything you can think of. The Walleye Festival is in our back yard, the Corn Festival is down the road, and there are farmers markets in every small town. Michigan is also beautiful in the winter with plenty of places to ski and snowmobile. We do have four seasons, sometimes all in the same day! My favorite place to vacation in the winter and summer is the Upper Peninsula. Locally we have farm fields everywhere. If you like the big city life, Detroit, Grand Rapids, and Ann Arbor are not far away.

If you are interested and would like to know more, please give us a call, or shoot us an email at We would love to have someone on our team who cares about the people they work with and the people they work for.