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The Clinic is open Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Please click on the link to learn about best practices to follow while visiting SVEC.

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Saginaw Valley Equine Culture – Our “Why”

We believe the relationship between equestrian and horse is special. Our bonds with horses are built on acts of service, love, and trust. This connection enriches the lives of people in our community and the world.

We believe caring for the relationship between equestrians and horses is a gift from our creator.  Building teams of leaders to care for these relationships is our mission. Why do we do what we do? Because we believe.

SVEC – Our “What”

Since 2003,  Saginaw Valley Equine Clinic has been providing top-notch care with highly-qualified leaders and specialists in Equine Sports Medicine, Reproduction and Surgery.  We will be there every step of the way – whether it is producing the foal of your dreams, providing advanced surgical needs or giving your performance horse every advantage.

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Case #1115

October 19th, 2020|

What's your diagnosis? A 9 year old Standardbred gelding was referred to SVEC. The horse was not racing well and the owner found blood in his urine. What is your diagnosis and next [...]


SVEC GameTime Sports Medicine.

SVEC GameTime Sports Medicine is Official Veterinarian of the All American Quarter Horse Congress providing 24-hour care.