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SVEC Podiatry ensures that your athlete’s shoeing after surgery or a significant diagnosis is executed accurately and without confusion.  You invest in your horse’s success by putting the vet, the surgeon and the farrier on the same page.  Your athlete will leave here with the right start to the rest of their career and a plan for your farrier at home to follow.

Surgical corrections for check ligaments (superior and inferior), navicular bursa adhesions, coffin bone fractures and others call for specific shoes post surgery.  Shoeing choices and execution immediately post surgery is often the difference between success and failure.

Common SVEC Podiatry procedures:

  • Post surgery plates and wedges (Timeliness is key)
  • Foal angular/flexural limbs – glue on cuffs and/or surgery
  • Shoeing for Navicular disease and Laminitis
  • Hoof wall resections White Line disease and Septic Pedal Osteitis

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