Fecal Analysis

Saginaw Valley Equine clinic is proud to offer in-clinic fecal analysis via the Parasight System, the first scientifically validated fecal egg count system.  By providing you with a reliable fecal egg count result, we can create a strategic deworming protocol tailored to the needs of your horse and/or farm.  In doing so, our goal is to promote better utilization of nutrition and prevent potential colic episodes by keeping parasite loads at a safe level.  In doing so, strategic deworming also helps to keep potential drug resistance issues away from the equine industry.

 Benefits of Monitoring Fecal Egg Counts

  • Reduce risk of colic secondary to internal parasites
  • Allow for individualized deworming protocol
  • Reduce risk of parasite resistance to dewormers
  • Increased efficiency of converting food to energy

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