Standing Abdominal

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Standing Abdominal surgery is minimally-invasive, less stressful and provides a rapid return to work and play

Laparoscopic OvariectomySaginaw Valley Equine Clinic has the equipment and expertise to provide minimally-invasive laparoscopic procedures. Our process promotes a rapid return to function and a more cosmetic outcome. The state-of-the-art Stryker endoscopy (camera) equipment in our clinic allows us to perform these procedures on a standing horse, which eliminates the anesthetic risk. A constant rate infusion sedative minimizes stress for the horse and keeps the animal quiet during the procedure.

 Benefits include:

  • Standing/Sedated removal of ovaries, ovarian tumors, and abdominal testicles
  • Standing/Sedated closure of the nephrosplenic space for horses with recurrent entrapment of the large colon.
  • Standing/Sedated exploratory for evaluation of the abdomen in horses with chronic/recurrent colic.

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