What’s your diagnosis?

A 7 year old Paint gelding, presented to SVEC for a routine lameness exam. He has a history of moderate arthritic changes in his hocks. High-grade HA and cortisone injections have been successful in the past.

What is your diagnosis and next steps/treatments?

The Saginaw Valley Equine Answer

The patient history includes hock and stifle injections, along with radiographs to ensure proper foot balance.  However, the lameness still persisted.

Upon the most recent physical examination, the gelding was sensitive to deep palpation on the left hind lateral splint/proximal fetlock region.

During the lameness exam, he tested negative to hoof testers and was a 2/5 lame at the trot on his left hind. A radiograph assessment revealed a fractured lateral splint bone and distal hock arthritis. The ultrasound findings were within normal limits.

The decision was made to surgically remove the fractured splint bone. Post surgery exercise includes stall rest and hand walking for one month.