Gastric ulcers, Anxiety and Ill behavior all linked

SVEC uses gastroscopy to definitively rule in or out the stomach for athletic performance anxiety, bucking, teeth grinding, saddling anxiety, colic and unexplained weight loss.  The horse’s stomach produces a massive amount of acid to provide a way to break down hay and grains.  Stomach acid production is increased exponentially with anxiety, showing, racing and trailering that erodes the lining of the stomach creating a viscious circle of more pain and anxiety.

We use a portable state-of-the-art three meter digital video endoscope to diagnose and follow the progression of gastric ulceration in equine athletes.  Excellent high quality images are generated for athlete trainers, owners and referring veterinarians.

 Benefits include:

  • Increased Performance
  • Getting your horse back
  • Insurances covers Gastroscopy/treatments
  • Take away the guessing
  • Portable

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