Savannah Henrichs

Savannah Henrichs

Like any younger sister, she followed her big sister when she began horseback riding lessons and instantly fell in love taking lessons herself. Savannah has taught summer camps, assisted with a therapeutic riding program in high school, and then chose to get her Bachelor’s degree in Equine Science to pursue her passion in the equine industry. Savannah loves to bake, spend time with her husband Benjamin, and has recently discovered a passion for gardening.

I coordinate the support staff for our doctors, oversee the daily schedule, as well as build & coordinate the training program for our new hires and externs, and much more!

I enjoy watching new staff blossom into their roles and succeed in their careers. I take pride in developing the tools for success and to see the positive impact it makes on not only individual people, but the clinic as a whole.

I think one of my greatest skills and passions is providing our clients and staff with the knowledge to help provide the best of care to our patients. So, even if I may not be able to work hands-on with the patients, I still get to feel like I’ve made a tiny impact in their lives for the better.

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