Sam Black

Sam Black

Sam Black, veterinary assistant, grew up in Fowlerville, Michigan on a dead end dirt road where all the neighbors knew each other. Growing up her mom trained horses and her dad drove the race horses in the standardbred industry. Sam has always shared her love of horses and started off showing in 4-H. She was also a member of her high school equestrian team and later the MSU Western team. After graduation, Sam went to work for Huss Performance Horses in Arizona where she learned a lot, but discovered she did not want to be a horse trainer.

Sam currently has a Quarter Horse Gelding that she enjoys riding during her free time and showing at reining shows. She also loves spending time with her friends and family going on trail rides, having bonfires, traveling and exploring the country.

I am a Veterinary Assistant and part of the sports medicine team. We travel around to farm calls and horse shows around the country. When we arrive at a farm or show I set up the equipment and get the history on the horses we are working on. From there I assist the vet in the procedures we are performing.

I love going to the horse shows. We get to meet new people and reconnect with current clients. I really enjoy helping the horse and the rider compete to the best of their ability. It is even more rewarding if I get to see them show.

I believe one of my greatest skills is listening.

At the beginning of an appointment I get a history of the horse. To get an accurate history I listen and ask relevant questions. This history will help the doctor get to know the horse. My horsemanship skills are also used every day. When handling a horse I must learn how it is trained and figure out how to communicate what I want it to do in a short period of time. While most are simple, others can be a bit more difficult to figure out.

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