Nicole Bone, LVT

Nicole Bone, LVT

Surgery & Anesthesia Consultant

Nicole Bone has always had a love for horses. She was one of those city kids that
desperately wanted to be a country kid. While working for a therapeutic riding stable she decided to pursue an equine education at Michigan State University. Nicole’s career took her to a large emergency hospital in Lexington, Kentucky. During her 14 year tenure Nicole counts her previous patients in the 1000s. She and her husband have black lab named Louis and a black cat named Miss Kitty.

I am an anesthesia consultant for Saginaw Valley Equine Clinic.

I absolutely love equine anesthesia. It can be very rewarding when you have an emergency and you are able to stabilize the patient when they otherwise wouldn’t make it.

Being able to remain calm in emergencies and applying learned knowledge to those situations. I also believe that teaching others is one of my greatest skills.

By working and explaining everything to the horse’s owner, they have the peace of mind knowing that their animal is in the hands of someone experienced.