Liz Routh, DVM

Liz Routh, DVM

Although originally from Indiana, Dr. Liz completed her doctorate of veterinary medicine at Iowa State University. Following graduation, she completed an equine internship focusing in general practice at Carolina Equine Hospital in NC. Afterwards, she continued on as an associate veterinarian at another central NC practice before deciding to move back to the Midwest. Her main areas of interest include preventative medicine, herd health, dentistry, and ophthalmology. Outside of work, Dr. Liz likes to read, craft, maintain her aquariums, and ride whenever possible! She grew up riding dressage and was a working student at several barns. She also dabbled in eventing, hunters, and even in a little combined driving.

My main area of focus is providing on-farm care including preventative medicine, herd health, dentistry, and more.  I like having the opportunity to see horses in their normal, everyday, environment to better understand their needs.

I enjoy helping people. To me that means everything from helping horse owners provide the best care for their horses, actually treating their horses, and everything in between!

I think one of my greatest skills is showing compassion.  I work hard to try and put myself in my client’s shoes to better understand their future goals with their horse, whether to perform well in an upcoming competition or to be comfortable in the pasture.  This way I can try and come up with a solution that fits the needs of that particular person and their horse.

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