Krista Schaefer

Krista Schaefer

Krista Schaefer is our Inventory Manager. She brings years of customer service and experience in the equine industry to our team. Krista has many close friends within the horse community, who she enjoys spending time with while at barrel races, team sorting or at horsemanship clinics. Krista has spent much of her life in Freeland, where she currently resides with her husband, Ron, along with a rough collie (Bella), a border collie (Lilly) and her Quarter Horse mare (Chicka).

I spend much of my time ordering and receiving medications, product and managing the regulatory paperwork that goes with that task. I work with our staff to make modifications to our software, when needed, and I also manage getting our monthly statements out to clients. I occasionally help answer phones, schedule appointments, and greet clients upon arrival, which gives me the opportunity to interact with clients.

I really enjoy seeing all of the horses (and donkeys, mules, and ponies) that come into the clinic and meeting all of the people who love them. We are fortunate to see a very broad range of breeds within our clinic, some of which I would not have had the opportunity to see in person, otherwise! My absolutely favorite part is hearing the story that each client has to tell about their beloved equine.

It is too difficult to pick just one when we meet so many wonderful people and see so many incredible horses at our facility.

Although I work in the front office, it is always heart wrenching when a client call us with an emergency situation. It is a huge consolation to know that we have an amazing, well prepared staff on hand to help with the most difficult of situations.

I’ve always loved working with people, and behind the scenes – it’s my drive and attention to detail.

I’m responsible for keeping SVEC stocked with the proper supplies and medications to treat the wide range of difficult and referral cases that come through our door. We do everything we can to be equipped to take care of you and your horse whenever you may need us.

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