Emily Galus

Emily Galus

Emily, veterinary technician, is originally from Midland and has been working with horses since she was 8 years old. Today, she has a love for all animals. Her veterinary technician career started in South Carolina, where she lived for 5 years. She enjoyed showing paint horses during that time. She ultimately decided to move back home to be closer to family. Currently, she is continuing her education at SVSU!

I’m a technician, so I assist the doctors during appointments.

I love the challenges. Every day is new and we are always seeing new cases.

I love foaling and traveling to horse shows. I can’t pick a favorite foaling or horse show experience. Each one is special.

Many cases are difficult, but we work as a team to always do what’s best for our clients and patients.

I strive to always make sure our clients receive the best care for their equine family.

At SVEC, we strive to always make sure we create a positive, fun environment for employees and clients.

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