Arielle Robinson

Arielle Robinson

Arielle Robinson is our main Repro Assistant and Office Team Member. Growing up Arielle was involved in 4-H and was also on the H.H. Dow High equestrian team. She still rides occasionally, but her horse Quixote is mostly retired and living the lazy life. She also has her dogs Dutton, Copper, and Shera. When Arielle is not at the office she enjoys spending time with her son George doing things outside in the summer like swimming, fishing, and boating.

I help out in the office and also assist with all of our repro cases.

My favorite part about my job is working with animals and being able to see the progress in their care. I love following a case from start to finish.

My best skills are compassion and dedication.

These skills drive me to always do what is in the best interest of my client and patient, and treat them with the utmost respect.