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Performance horse medicine – or equine sports medicine – includes all types of diagnoses and treatments related to your equine athlete. At Saginaw Valley Equine Clinic, we utilize our years of experience and the latest technologies to accurately identify, treat, rehabilitate and prevent injuries and conditions associated with athletic activities of the performance horse, including any lameness issues or performance problems. The use of our mobile digital x-ray and ultrasound, and thorough lameness exams at your horse show or competition, enable us to quickly diagnose and begin therapy for your horse.

Game Time LogoWe provide high-quality problem-solving and pain relief to the equine community. We work with you to identify the underlying problems affecting your horse’s condition and performance, and help you develop and implement a strategy to get him sound and keep him that way. We offer in-depth evaluations to determine respiratory, cardiac, musculoskeletal and metabolic causes of poor performance or exercise intolerance. Our performance horse medicine treatments include chiropractic, hydrotherapy, conditioning and nutritional analysis, plus traditional veterinary medicine to offer a full array of diagnostic and therapeutic options for your horse.


Sports-Medicine2-smSVEC utilizes advanced diagnostics including digital radiography, MRI and video gait analysis to provide the optimum in foot care. We offer corrective shoeing for problems such as navicular syndrome, club feet, soft tissue injuries, pedal osteitis, and angular limb deformities in young horses to medical treatment and management of serious hoof conditions such as laminitis, hoof/coffin bone infections, puncture wounds, white line disease and canker. We offer therapeutic shoes, pads and boots to fit changing foot conditions as well as custom-fit braces for surgical patients.


SVEC’s specialized therapeutic care for lameness includes:

  • Therapeutic hoof trimming and treatments
  • Stem cell therapy for markedly faster healing times in tendon/ligament injuries
  • IRAP (interleukin-1 receptor antagonist protein) joint treatments for arthritis
  • Latest topical and oral anti-inflammatories for at-home treatment
  • Corticosteroid and hyaluronic acid joint injections for pain management


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SVEC GameTime Sports Medicine is proud to be the Official Veterinarian of the All American Quarter Horse Congress providing 24-hour care.


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