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Embryo Vitrification

Vitrification is a technique for the equine veterinarians at Saginaw Valley Equine Clinic to freeze live cells in a fashion that allows them to survive the freezing and thawing process. Equine embryos are vitrified to allow SVEC to ship the embryo internationally, better timing for pregnancy and subsequent foaling, while waiting for genetic testing, and pending donor mare and stallion performance results.

The process for producing a vitrified embryo starts with breeding and flushing as for routine embryo transfer. Once SVEC obtains the embryo, it is washed and then processed using special solutions to allow it to be vitrified safely. SVEC then packages the embryo into an individual small container and freezes it with liquid nitrogen. Once vitrified, an embryo can be stored indefinitely in special tanks and shipped long distances.

Transfer of the embryo involves a warming process with special solutions, loading into a straw, then transfer into the appropriately timed recipient mare. Use of a vitrified embryo allows for fewer recipients to be prepared, as the embryo is frozen in time until the recipient is ready.

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