Jessica Foco

Jessica Foco

Jessica, our amazing barn technician, cares for our animals like they are her own. Horses have been a passion since before she could walk. On a daily basis she assists the doctors and techs.

I do various jobs throughout a day within the clinic, the most important thing I do is care for the animals as if they’re my own. I make sure they have clean stalls, full bellies, and that they get out to play. I assist the doctors and the techs, and I also help in keeping the facility clean inside and out.

My favorite part of my job is the constant ability to learn and grown. Horses have been a passion of mine since before I could walk so to be able to have a job where that’s my everyday is everything.

I’m not sure I could pick just one favorite case, but when I give it some thought I think my favorite cases are the ones when a horse has the lowest outcome of survival and because the fight that’s deep inside them, the words of prayer, and medicine they pull through.

The hardest cases for me are when we experience loss, but with that being said I’m also grateful that I can be there to comfort a family that is going through a difficult time, even if it’s with just a hug or a smiling face.

My greatest skills are my ability to adapt, relatability, and also reliability. I think my experience with the equine species and my horse sense also is a valuable skill. Being able to see the little details in life most people ignore has been a skill I’ve had since I was young that I have been able to use in life and in my careers.

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