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Digital Ultrasound

Digital Ultrasound Saginaw Valley Equine Clinic

Under real-time ultrasonographic guidance, our veterinarians can precisely treat a variety of difficult to reach locations such as Stifle cysts, Sacroiliac joints, Hip joints, and Cervical vertebral (neck) facets. In addition, Stem Cells, PRP, Bone Marrow, etc. can be dircetly injected with ultrasound guidance into tendon and ligament lesions at the specific site of injury.

Digital ultrasound is invaluable for evaluating soft tissues and bony structures, leading to diagnosis and treatment in the equine patient. As with our other digital imaging techniques, our digital ultrasound images can be emailed, copied to a CD or shared over the Internet. We use digital ultrasound images to assess musculoskeletal injuries such as:

  • Tendon and ligament strains and tears (bowed tendon)
  • Pelvic and shoulder pain
  • Medical abnormalities
  • Retained testicles (Cryptorchids)
  • Foal pneumonia
  • Adult and foal colic
  • Soft tissue masses or swellings
  • Umbilical abnormalities of foals
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