Michelle Perry

Michelle Perry

Veterinary Technician Michelle Perry grew up in Saginaw, riding and showing horses all over Michigan.

I’m a Veterinary Technician, so I assist the veterinarians with everything from joint injections to lameness exams. I also travel all over the country to horse shows and long distance farm calls.

My favorite part is the variety of horses that we get to work with and people that we meet. I don’t have a favorite breed or discipline of horse. I love them all, from Arabian halter horses to Thoroughbred race horses.

My favorite patients are some of the embryo transfer mares. Some of these mares stay with us for the entire breeding season, so we really get to know them well.

My most difficult case was when we were treating a yearling filly who had contracted tetanus. She required a lot of round-the-clock care and it was difficult to see her suffering.

I am good at multitasking and working through problems. I can also haul a trailer pretty darn well.

These skills allow me to work efficiently so that we can help many patients in a short amount time, no matter where they are located.

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